About Us

Composite Stack Software Consulting LLC is a software consulting and staffing agency in Dallas, TX specializing in unifying top talent, modern technologies, proven processes and best practices to produce superior software. We have tremendous amount of experience working both on-site when our clients need us at their facilities as well as working remotely.

Our Services

01. IT Development Staffing

With a veteran full-stack consultant as founder and leader of the company, we excel at differentiating great software developers from not-so-great ones. If you're company is struggling to find top talent, let us help. We never recommend anyone that we wouldn't hire ourselves, so before submitting a candidate, we will always meet the candidate in person and perform a background check, personality interview, and a rigourous technical test that includes writing actual code. We offer permanent placement, contract and contract-to-hire options.

02. Candidate Interviews

As developers ourselves, we have been interviewed a lot during our careers and can say from experience that most interviews were fairly easy to pass. The main reason most candidates are able to pass technical interviews with ease is because most IT companies don't spend enough resources to create good interviewing materials and most staffing agencies are not technical enough to perform challenging interviews. Composite Stack offers its interviewing services to other staffing agencies and employers alike and will use our prepared materials as well as your own, if you provide any.

03.Software Development & Consulting

At Composite Stack we take pride in the software we build. Using agile methodologies from day 1, we work with our clients to:
understand their business and their technology needs
narrow down a technology stack
perform foundational work or POC
setup processes (build processes, environments, deployment schemes)
build a development team (or use our own)
design, develop, test and maintain software solutions